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Year/MM Cert. Company Grade     Extra

    1979-P SEGS MS-61 SBA NEAR DATE    
    NEAR DATE SBASEGS certified error coin      
      1980 PCI AU55 Cent Strike Doubled    
    1980 PCI error centERROR SLABBED COINS      
      1981-S ANACS PF68 SBA TYPE 1 BREEN-5846    
      1983 ANACS AU-50 UNPLATED Planchet Cent $19.99  
    unplated centcent without copper    Another
      1983 NGC MS64 RB CUD obverse Die break    
    CUD major die breakerror in NGC holder      
      1985-D PCI MS67 RED CENT Brass Platting    
    brass rather then bronze centbrass plating on cent      
      1985-D ANACS MS-63 RB CENT Partially Plated    
    partially plated centmissing copper layer      
      1987-Mo ANAC AU-55 500 PESO Curved clip 12.39 grams    
    mexico error coincurved clip on Mexico peso      
      1988-D ANACS MS-60det *corroded Partially Plated cent $18.99  
    partially plated centpenny looks steel plated This
      1988 NGC UNC det *improperly cleaned Double Curved Clips    
    ngc detailed holderreverse nickel picture error      
      1989 PCI MS-64 CENT RED Weak VDB $44.99  
    weak VDB cent    A outstanding example of a Die Break or CUD error. This one is on the back of a Rhode Island 25 cent piece @ 9:00 oclock. Its graded and authenticated b y NGC.
      1993 ANACS MS-64  Red Improperly Plated $34.99  
    1993 Mint state 64 Cent (ANACS) Improperly plated  This is a very cool looking error coin. Although it's not rare or even that pretty, it is very unique. The whole surface on both sides of this coin has bubbled up. ANACS graded this error coin Mint State 64.
      1997-P PCGS MS-62 Finned Rim Misaligned Die $34.99  

1997 Mint state 62 Cent (PCGS) Finned rim

  Here is a 1997 cent in a PCGS holder. The error coin inside is a Finned rim cent. Part of the edge on the obverse is raise as the planchet must not have been seated properly when it was struck.

Wide AM / Proof reverse

  In 2001 it was discovered that the reverse proof dies (wide am), that were made specifically to strike Proof coins, had been used on business strike coin. Since 1993 the reverse die on the cent was changed and the A and M in America now touch together at the bottom (closed am). You can easily see the change by just looking at the AM on any cent from 1992 or older and any one from 1993 to date.

      Since then it was discovered that this also happened in 1998. Another amazing and even more rare example are the 1998 and 1999 proof coins that were made with some business strike dies, closed AM.  Listed below are a couple examples of some graded and authenticated cents from 1998 and 2000.

      1998 ANACS MS60 cleaned REV "Proof" HUB $24.99  
    picture of a 1998 type 2 reverse proof hub example error1998 MS60 Details Cent type 2 cleaned (anacs) rev proof hub Here is our first example of the type 2 proof hub reverse. This one is graded by ANACS as Mint State 60 details. It was given a detail grade because as noted on the slab this coin has been cleaned.
      1998 ANACS AU55 TYPE 2 WIDE AM $27.99  
    1998 wide am centFS-901 WIDE A.M. CENT Here we have a type 2 proof reverse or wide AM example graded by ANACS AS AU 55. This coin is in anacs' new holder with the yellow insert  that allows you to read the label in a holder. The slab also has the Cherrypickers' # FS - 901 on the label.
      1998 PCGS AU58   WIDE AM $29.99  
    Another type 2 proof rev example business strike coin. PCGS lists this error coin as "Wide AM" This one was graded as AU 58, the closes to unc as you can get. An interesting variety coin, and a must for any complete registry set.
      1998 ICG MS66 Type 2 Separated A M $109.99  
    1998 ms66 wide am  Here we have another 1998 wide am variety in the highest grade we have be able to find so far to date. It's in a ICG holder and graded a whopping mint state 66.
      2000 PCGS MS63 FS-901 WIDE AM $39.99  
    pcgs wide am certifiedwide am rev  A great chance to add an interesting error coin graded by one of the top 3rd Party Grading services on the market. This type 2 proof rev example is graded by PCGS Mint State 63 Red "Wide AM".
      2000 ANACS MS64 Type 2 REV "Proof" HUB $37.99  
    type 2 reverseproof hub rev  This type 2 proof hub reverse is graded by America's oldest certification companies on the market, ANACS. The graded and  authenticated this error coin as Mint State 64 red.
      2000 PCI MS65 Red PR Die REV $39.99  
    type 2 centProof die rev cent  An interesting variety coin, in a older green label PCI holder. This type 2 proof rev example is graded by PCI as Mint State 65 Red.
      2000 ICG MS67 Type 2 Separated A M $79.99  
    2000 WIDE A M REVERSE CENTproof rev cent   Here we have another 2000 wide am variety in the highest grade we have be able to find so far to date. It's in a ICG holder and graded a whopping mint state 67. We have 2 of these available.
      2000 PCI MS67 Red PR Die REV $79.99  
    PCI TYPE 2 REV WIDE AMREV PROOF 2 CENT  same as the ones listed above except this one is in a PCI holder.

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