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This page is dedicated to do-it-yourself slabs or pre-made empty shells that anyone can make at home. This page is split up into three different section "Coin World", "Bulk or Generic" and "Miscellanies" Shells


Coin World Shells

One of the most common certified shells is Coin World. It is very recognizable by the clear earth symbol in the bottom left corner. It's actually on both side of the case. They make two sizes a normal size which is close to the PCGS or NGC slabs and a smaller version which is closer to ANACS or ACG.

ACCGS - American Coin Club Grading Service

ACCGS has some interesting addition information that they add to the slab like Estimated Survival Condition Census, Population and/or an Appraised Value along with a date. To read more, look at there website at: http://accgs.org/

CCGS - Certified Coin Grading Service

old holder and new holderINB - International Numismatic Bureau         numismaticbureau

OCC - Original Coin Certifiers

PGS - unknown, name maybe part of INB

This slab doesn't have a name or initials on it

LCGS- Liberty Coin Grading Service

USGS- United States Grading Service 

CRC - Certified Rare Coins

CCI - Certified Service                                                  

FCI - Investment grade coins                                          


Generic Shell



ACGS - American Coin Grading Service

BAE - (says "coins forever" on reverse of slab)

CCG - Colonial Coin Graders                 

CF - Coin Fixation

CGGA -  unknown name                                  

FCI - Investment Grade Coins

FSG - First Strike Grading

GCGS - Global Coins Grading Service

GSG - unknown name

Heritage Coin GradingHeritage Coin GradingHCG - Heritage Coin Grading

INCS - International Numismatic Certification Service

MSDE - MS Society D&E coins

NCCG - unknown name

NES - Numismatic Evaluation Service

NIC - unknown name

NNGS - National Numismatic Grading Service

PGS - Professional Coin Graders

PNANS - Professional North American Numismatic Service

PNGC - Pacific Northwest Graded Coin

QCGCS - Quality Coin Grading & Certification Service

SCG - Specialty Coin Grading


AGC - American Grading Company

EGC - Expert Grading Company

ENGS - Elite Numismatic Grading Service

IGC - Investment Grading Service

HCGS- Hallmark Coin Grading Service

MCS - Modern Coin Specialists

NWCG - Northwest Coin Grader

PNGS -  Professional Numismatic Grading Service      

WCG - World Coin Grading                                       

Miscellanies shells

AGS - American Grading Service 

GGC - Gallery Grading Company

ICCS - International Coin Certification Service. This is a well known and respected Canadian slabbing company.

PPGS - Peoples Professional Grading Services

CCGS - Capitol Coin Grading Service is one of the newest comanies on the market CCGS - Capitol Coin Grading Service

PCGA - Premier Coin Grading and Authentication  PCGA - Premier Coin Grading and Authentication

FSC - Fiducial Select Capitol FSC - Fiducial Select Capitol

  • in business since: 2004

  • holder size: Large

  • may not be in business anymore

 Our investigation has concluded that this is not a third party grading service, but more of a coin dealers own holder.

 PCC - Premier Certified Coins PCC - Premier Certified Coins

  • in business since: 2003

  • holder size: Large


 Our investigation has concluded that this is not a third party grading service. Their website states: "Premier Certified Coins does not accept coins directly for grading.".... "Through distributors PCC offers coins to the average collector at affordable prices."

NOTE: Almost every coin in a PCC holder is either a PF70 or MS70.

 SGS - Star Grading Service SGS - Star Grading Service: "A coin grading company specializing in Proof coins from 1950 and forwards. (Due to the tremendous success Star Grading Services is having, we have decided to expand our grading services to include some various uncirculated coins as well.  If you have a question about whether we grade a particular coin, please feel free to email us and ask.)"

NOTE: Almost every coin in a SGS holder is either a PF70 or MS69.


PAGE 1 - Certification companies still in business

PAGE 2 - Certification companies out of business

PAGE 3 - Do-it-Yourself or pre-made slabs.        

 Please NOTE: Just because these certification companies are listed on this site, it does not legitimate the companies themselves. We suggest more research on several different websites, books, and forums would help make a cautious decision on the legitimacy of a certification company.

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