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         Welcome to All Certified Coins free coin wallpaper page. After you select a background wallpaper don't forget to browse the rest of our site. We have a great selection of coins from each of the certification companies. Which includes each denomination, cent, nickel, dime, quarter, 50 cents, or dollars.  We also provide top quality links to other coin related web sites which includes coin prices, certification companies, and free coin computer wallpaper.

    Here we have some awesome toned morgan dollar obverse profile wallpapers. You can download these coin wallpaper for free.   Reverse from tons of coins, some toned, some deep cameo, and some with natural luster. Download these for free to you desktop or backround.   indianhead, barber, buffalo, Kennedy, IKE, Franklin, and SAC wallpaper

    Rainbow toned morgan dollar wallpaper.   corners01.jpg (76305 bytes)   purple, red, pink, yellow and white toned morgandollar.            

    Nicely toned morgan reverse eagle wallpaper.   very nice old coin wallpaper    dmpl frosted eagle wallpaper.          

    flip05.jpg (91802 bytes)   corners03.jpg (140476 bytes)   flip02.jpg (147880 bytes)

    here we have a sacagwea wallpaper for you to download. This coin wallpaper would look good on anybodies computer.   Ton's of frosted white cameo on this Kennedy half. Download this free coin picture to you computer for free.   free coin pictures is what you want? Free coin pictures is what you get.    

    Nice frosted cameo Ike dollar wallpaper. This big 'silver dollar' wallpaper would look good on every computer background    Awesone toned Kennedy half wallpaper    nice group of coins wallpaper

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