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Here is a list of all the free internet providers and lost cost internet servers online. We also have a list of low priced high speed internet servers.

b Free Internet Service Providers (Free ISP's) and Low cost internet servers!!! b

Free Internet Service Providers - free ISP'S


Free isp - free internet providers freeinternet AD BANNERS This colum is for free internet providers with MAC OS format This colum is for free internet providers with windows microsoft format  

Juno was one of the first free internet servers out there. Now Juno offers 10 free hours of internet service a month.

x x x x  
      Juno was one of the first free internet servers out there. Actually they started out by offer free email. The service would dial up, download all your emails to your computer, then disconnect. Now they offer 10 free hours of internet service a month.  

Net Zero - Netzero is one of the last of the free internet servers. This ISP offers you 10 hours of free internet a month.

x x x x  
    Netzero was another on of the free internet providers that start at the beginning of the free interent crazy but quickly adapted to and now is one of only a couple that stayed alive. Netzero bought out freei which was one of the biggest free internet servers left at the time. Netzero also offers 10 hours a month.  

Address or -I have never tried this free internet server provider.

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     Address has No hourly limits but is enabled for web browsing and browser based applications only and also rrequires monthly completion of offers.  
Low Cost unlimited Internet Servers   

Internet access for only 9.95 a month, Netzero Platinum

9.95 a month  



Outgrown AOL and MSN? Move up to Netzero Platinum for only $9.95 per month! Netzero is one of the first internet providers to offer low cost internet service.  

Juno is opne to the top leaders of offer high quality internet service for a low price, only 9.95 a month.

9.95 a month   x x  
Why spend $23.90/month on AOL? Get Juno Platinum  fast, reliable internet access for only 9.95/month. You cant pass up internet service for under 10 dollars a month.  

Netscape ISP just 9.95/month. All new unlimited Netscape internet service.

9.95 a month   x x  
Learn more about Netscape's unlimited Internet access and email. Click here. At only 9.95 a month it's worth the chance to see this new internet provider.  

People PC is an Unlimited internet server that only cost 10.95 a month, that's less then half of AOL or MSN

10.95 a month   x x  
PeoplePC Online  - 30 days free then $10.95/month. Try PeoplePC they have more access numbers then American On Line but is priced less the half of what they charge.  

     Now that you have a free internet service provider you might want to check out some of the links below. First we start out with free email even if the free internet provider or low cost internet server offers free email I would suggest you get another one and use the one that is provided by the free server as your Junk email account. Use one listed below as your main email account and ONLY give that address to your friends and family. This will prevent getting Junk emails.   

Free E-Mail              

Yahoo E-mail Golf Mail
linuxO/S Email Star Trek mail Mail.Com Eundora Mail

Next we have a list of Free website providers. Most offer several megabytes of free web space to up load your pictures or what ever else you might what on your website. Most of the free websites have a pop up ad or pop under ad or an ad some where on the site.

Free Web Page

Tripod 11MB Free Servers 20MB
Free yellow Webjump25MB
Business City 5MB Free Home 50MB
DigitalAvatar 5MB Dream Water 50MB
Easy Pages IceStorm3MB
The Globe 6MB Home Page 10MB
Missing Kids Xoom100MB
Kiddo net Quick Pages 100MB
Star Wars 20MB NetColony35MB
Angel Fire 5MB Top Cities 50MB

Here is a list of free internet service providers that are no longer available BlueLight, Excite Freeland, NBCi, Simpson's, AltaVista, FreeWWWeb, WorldSpy, 1NOL, Lycos, FreeI,, Net-Taxi, Ifreedom, and WinFire (DSL).













Question 1
Which free Internet Provider (ISP) do you like the best?

NetZero Plat
Juno Plat
Going Platinum
Blue Light Plat
Am Express
Not on here
dont like any!
Gov. should pay
I pay under $10
I pay $10-20
I pay over $20
I pay for (DSL)
cable modem

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