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Browsers-Internet Explorer  5.0,5.5, 6.0     Netscape 4.75, 6.0, Neoplanet 5.1, Adobe 4.1, Opera Infinite 5.0, Katie soft, Amaya, Enigma, Netcaptor and Crayon Crawler Kid safe webbrowser .

Video Players-Realplayer 7 8 now real1one, Windows Mediaplayer 6.4, 7, 8, 9,  Sonique Media Player, Quicktime4,5, Shockwave 8, Flash 5.

Music Player  & Mp3's -Real Jukebox, Winamp, Napster,, Absolutely Free Mp3,Mtv Mp'3,Sonic©  Mp3's,The Mp3 Hangout,Mp3 Start Page,Mp3 club, and In 2 Mp3's.

Instant Messengers-America Online (AOL), Yahoo, ICQ, MicroSoft Network (MSN, Lycos, Jabber, Excite  and Firetalk.

Free Internet ISP's

Free Internet servers Net-zero, Blue Light, Juno, address, AllShak, Going Platinum . *(Freewwweb,, Net Taxi,, Lycos, spinway,  1NationOnLine(1NOL), Simpson, Excite Free world , Xoom, Winfire (free DSL) and World spy are no longer available).

Free Wallpaper

Free Wallpaper- Wallpaper world, Ergon energy, Fun city, Ace Wallpaper, Cns23, Desktops delights, Desktopia, Tropical Wares, Top Desktop, Digital Blasphemy, Earth shots, Amazing Wallpaper, Lighting Shots, and Visual Parodox, 

Free Computer Phone Calls

Free Phone- Buddy Phone2, Phone free, Net call, Delta Three, Visitalk, Dial Pad, Media ring, Dial Free Calls, Hot telephone, and Call Rewards. I also have free internet answer machines.

My best picks

Best of the net - Free online Anti Virus software, Banner blocker, fire walls, satellite pics, updates, public records, unclaimed money, personality and IQ tests, dumb laws, useless facts, computer tracker.........

Search the web

All in 1 search- Overture, Alta Vista, Exicte, Yahoo, Google, About, GoTo, Northernlight, Hotbot, AOL search,  Infospace, Direct hit, MSN, and lots more. 

Web Masters

Great stuff for webmaster: Free webpages, guestbooks, counters, stats, banners, java script, promote your page, add url, summit your page, freestuff, Affiliate Programs, banners, and lots more.

Other great free site

Great free sites - iFree, 1free stuff, Cool freebies links, Free Well, Free Directory, Keldons Freebies, Freeclutter, Free Vault, Free stuff Center, Downloads USA, Freestuff, Total freestuff, iFreebies, The Freesite, freeBcity, Daily freebies, freaky freddies, the freeland, Free Mall, Dream Freebies, Mom & Dad's, Fabulous freestuff, Yes Free, and The Shareware Place






What's New on the internet


Winzip has a new version 9.0. Download winzip9 now



 free real1one - Real 1 Real one real1 real0ne realoneplayer real1player reel 1 one. The new player



Apple Quick Time 6, quicktime6 is apples newest video player. apple quick time 6.5 is in preview stage


Windows mediaplayer 10 is 1 of the best out there download your free.


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Netscape 8.0 netscape has a new version netscape8. Try netscape80 today before anybody else.







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