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Free Animal Wallpaper - You can change your wallpaper weekly!



Free Animal Wallpaper

     gorilla wallpaper   Click here for a free buffalo wallpaper   nice cloud wallpaper

Wallpaper World

    polar bear with 2 baby polar bears nice free winter pic   wolf wallpaper with snow on the trees in the backround.    dtd3.jpg (49276 bytes)

         CNS23                       Desktop Delights             Desktop Delights

     moose wallpaper in the water with green plants and a grassy field   cute golden retriever puppy wallpaper for you to download     swan wallpaper in lake

         DeskTopia                         Dragon                        Free Images

    Nice Lion wallpaper the king of the jungle and a couple tigers   Nice Bear Wallpaper kodak or black bear   Nice Deer Wallpaper might be elk hugh rack

    Wallpaper World

     Nice wolf wallpaper with red backround   monkey or chimp wallpaper   coolgraphic3.jpg (61008 bytes)

           Sand Wings           Web Graphic Works        Web Graphic Works

    dolphin in the ocean jump into the air   wolf in the wood with 3d graphic and big green trees   nice 3d wallpaper of cats  under a waterfall with big rock

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   Right Click on the image and select Select as Wallpaper.
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   Right Click on the image and select Select as Wallpaper.
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   Hold down the mouse button the image and wait for the menu.
   Choose Save Image As.
   Open the control panel to Desktop Pictures.
   Click Select Picture and load the file you just saved.
   Choose Position Automatically.



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