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Year/MM Cert. Company Grade     Extra

    1962-D PCI MS67 Silver Toned 39.99  
    1962 Mint State 67 Dime (PCI) Toned This toned silver dime is saturated with color. The obverse is fully toned with blues, reds, orange, and purples. The reverse mostly white. PCI gave this eye pleasing coin Mint State 67.
      1964 PCI PF68 Silver CAMEO 17.99  
    1964 Proof 68 Dime (PCI) Cameo silver Here we have a 1964 certified Roosevelt dime that is graded proof 68. This is a bright white coin that PCI gave a cameo designation too. Grab this one for only 17.99.
      1966 PCGS MS67 SMS TONED $29.99  
    1966 Mint STate 67 DIME SMS (PCGS) Toned  Here we have a nice 1966 Roosevelt dime in MS67 condition. This was taking from a Special Mint Set and is now in a PCGS holder. Overall it has a nice natural tone on both sides of the coin that just darkens it up a little.
      1966 NNC MS69 SMS Proof Like $24.99  
    1966 Mint STate 69 DIME SMS (NNC) Proof Like A nice example of a Dime from a Special Mint Set. There is now way this coin would actually grade MS69 as there is a nick right below his eye on him cheek. Other then that it is a outrageously nice looking coin. NNC also gave is a Proof Like designation.
      PCGS 20 coin certified holder   $9.99  
     Need a place to put your certified coins? Here we have a PCGS holder that will hold 20 coins. It fits most certification holders (PCGS, NGC, PCI, ICG, NTC...) and only very lightly used.
      2000-S PCGS PF69 DCAM SILVER $14.99  
    2000-S Proof 69 Roosevelt Dime (PCGS) Silver Deep Cameo    This proof dime was graded and authenticated by Professional Coin Grading Service. They gave this beautiful coin a PRF 69 deep cameo.
      2001-S NGC PF69 Ultra CAM SILVER $14.99  
    2001-S Proof 69 Dime (NGC) Silver DCAM If you don't have at least one silver dime in your collection your missing out. There is nothing more beautiful then the blazing white cameo on a silver coin.
      2002-S PCGS PF69 DCAM   $9.99  
    2002-S Proof 69 Roosevelt Dime (PCGS) Deep Cameo!    This proof dime was graded and authenticated by Professional Coin Grading Service. They gave this beautiful coin a PRF 69 deep cameo.
      2003-S PCI PF69 DCAM SILVER $12.99  
    2003-S Proof 69 Dime (PCI) Silver DCAM The cameo on this coin is outstanding, bright white, smooth even frost, with no breaks or fading at all. This one is graded by PCI as Proof 69, you will be very pleased with this silver coin.
      2006-S PCI PF70 DCAM perfect 70 $19.99  
    2006-S Proof 70 Dime (PCGS) CLAD DCAM If you want a coin that is graded a perfect 70, but don't want, or cant afford to spend the outrages prices of a PCGS 70 coin, then this is for you. It's graded by PCI and will only set you back 24.99.
      2007-S ICG PF70  DCAM perfect 70 $29.99  
    2007-S Proof 70 Roosevelt Dime (ICG) DCAM  This perfectly graded Roosevelt dime is certified by what some say is one of the top 4 certification companies on the market.  It has needle sharp details, untouched fields, and heavily frosted deep cameo.
      2009-S NGC PF70 UCAM perfect 70 $37.99  
    2009-S Proof 70 Roosevelt Dime (NGC) Ultra Cameo!   This dime was certified by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. This third party grading service (TPGs) gave this coin a Proof-70 Ultra cameo. (3 available)

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