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Year/MM Cert. Company Grade     Extra

    1957 ANACS MS-65 TONED SILVER $49.99  
    1957 ANACS PF65  Here we have a pretty nice looking Franklin Silver half dollar. This half dollar has two sided tone which is stronger on the obverse then the reverse. it is graded Mint State 65 by ANACS
      1958 PCI MS-65 TONED   $34.99  
      The tone on this half is very attractive it starts on the lower right side (between 3 and 6 o'clock) with a deep blue crescent around the rim. Then it goes into a light purple for the rest of the coin except for "IBER" is white, the reverse is white also.

1959 PCI PF-65 Toned Rainbow $39.99
    1959 pf65 pci  A pleasing example of a certified toned proof coin. This one was graded by PCI as proof 65 rainbow toned. It has 2 sided tone and rainbow of color shows up when you move it around in the light.

1960 ANACS MS-64 Toned obverse $29.99
    1960 ANACS FRANKLIN  Next up we a franklin half dollar in Mint State 64 grade. The obverse has nice brush strokes of light tone with silver luster shining through. The reverse is bright white.
      1961 NTC MS-65 SILVER Rainbow toned $54.99  
    1961 Mint State 65 Franklin Half (NTC) rainbow toned obv    Starting at the top of the coin and going down we have blue/violet, then purple then orange and ends at the bottom with golden yellow and streaks of silver luster bursting though. Reverse is mostly white, NTC gave this beauty a MS65.
      1961 NTC MS-65 SILVER $34.99  
    1961 Mint State 65 Franklin Half (NTC)    Next we have a 1961 silver Franklin half dollar certified by NTC. This silver franklin half dollar is graded Mint State 65.
      1961-D PCI MS-65 Toned   $59.99  
    1961 Mint State 65 Kennedy Half (PCI) toned Here we have a beautiful Franklin toned on both sides. It is certified by PCI as Mint states 65. Coin World's Coin Values this coin at $175.00 Dollars in MS65. Here you can grab this at only $59.99.
      1963 PCI MS-65 TONED SILVER $29.99  
    1963 Mint State 65 Franklin Half (PCI) Toned obv.  This one is lightly toned on the obverse and looks much better then the picture. This MS65 example is graded by PCI
      1963-D PCI MS-65   SILVER $29.99  
    1963-D Mint State 65 Franklin Half (PCI)  Same as the one listed above, except this one has very light tone on the obverse, a Denver mint mark and is graded Mint State 65.


1963-D SEGS MS-65   SILVER $39.99  
    1963d segs silver half Since we put together a collection of 1963 franklin halves by all the certification companies we ended up with some duplicates. So here's your chance to get one cheap. This one is graded by SEGS.
      1964 ANACS netMS-60 Artificially


    1964 net Mint State 60 Kennedy Half (ANACS) Artificially toned  The toning on this coin is amazing I guess that was a dead give away that it has artificial tone. ANACS gave it UNC details with a net Mint State 60 grade.
      1964 NNC MS-67   2-sided Tone $39.99  
    Here we have a beautiful 1964 toned silver Kennedy half dollar. Although the grade seems a little high because of a nick in the field, the toning makes up for it. A true MS-67 is listed in Coin World's Coin Values at $450.00 Dollars.
    After the mint started production on the 1964 Kennedy halves, one was presented to Jackie Onassis at  which time she said the hair was wrong. So the US Mint changed the design in mid stream. According to most authoritative sources, the accented hair variety is only about 1% to 3% of all 1964 proof Kennedy halves. We have a couple examples listed below.  
      1964 PCI PF-67 Accented Hair $79.99  
    1964 accent kennedy half   Although PCI gave this a whopping Proof 67 it does have the common white milky spots that plagued the 1964 half and therefore we feel it does not have the eye appeal of a PF67 coin, so we are dropping this to only $79.99.
      4 Piece Certification company collection   $20  
    After the eBay boom, several new certification companies began to show up everywhere. Most made it a year or so then went out of business, and other are still around. We are selling are not-so-impressive coins as a slab set. Get 4 different slabs for only 20 bucks. (coins in picture is just an example)
      1966 PCGS AU-58 Rainbow Reverse $29.99  
    1966 About UNC 58 Kennedy Half (PCGS) rainbow toned Here we have a beautiful 1966 toned Kennedy half dollar. This amazing toned coin is authenticated by PCGS so you know it's original tone. The reverse is saturated with every color in the rainbow. Even the OBV. has a lighter colored rainbow.
      1966 PCGS SP-66 SMS Silver/Clad $29.99  
    1966 HALF SMS PCGS    A pleasing example of Special Mint Set kennedy half. PCGS grades this as SP66 which must mean Special Proof 66.
      1966 PCGS MS-66 SMS Silver/Clad $32.99  
    1966 SMS MS66    same as the one listed above although this one is in an older holder so it was graded MS rather then SP.
      1967 NGC MS-66 SMS Silver/Clad $34.99  
    1967 NGC SMS An amazing Kennedy half that is in NGC new edgeview holder. It must have just missed NGC high cameo standards as it have mirrored fields and frosted cameo devices. 2 Available for only $34.99 each
      1976-S ANACS MS-66   SILVER $29.99  
    1976-S Mint STate 66 Kennedy Half (ANACS) silver  This Bicentennial half dollar is certified by one of the oldest certification companies on the market. ANACS gave this frosty white silver half dollar Mint State 66.
      1976-S PCGS MS-66   SILVER $29.99  
    PCGS 176-1976  Here we have a Bicentennial half dollar graded and slabbed by PCGS. This is a Mint state example with bright white mint luster and a razor sharp strike.
      1976-S PCGS MS-67   SILVER $39.99  
    1976-S Mint State 67 Kennedy Half (PCGS) silver  Another very pleasing example of a silver 1776.1976 Bicentennial half dollar. It has bright white mint luster and a razor sharp strike. This example is certified and slabbed by PCGS. 3 available
      1976-S NGC PF-68 UCAM CLAD SOLD  
    1776/1976 NGC description will be added soon SOLD  
      1976-S PCGS PF-68 CAMEO CLAD $19.99  
    1976 BI-CEN HALF  description will be added soon
      1976-S PCGS PF-69 DCAM CLAD $29.99  
    1976 PCGS CLAD  description will be added soon
      1976-S NGC PF-69 UCAM SILVER $39.99  
    1976 SILVER HALF  description will be added soon
      1976-S PCGS PF-69 DCAM SILVER $39.99  
    1976 BICENTENNIAL HALF description will be added soon
      1976-S PCGS GEM PRF SIGNED SILVER $49.99  
    PCGS GEM PROOF  description will be added soon 3 available

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