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Year/MM Cert. Company Grade     Extra

    No Date ANACS MS-60 damaged Major die break $29.99  
    No Date Mint state 60 cent Large Die Break CUD (anacs) damagedreverse This error coin is listed as major die crack other wise known as CUD. This is a nice error that covers up most of the date. It was given a net grade of Mint State 60 details because of some gouges.
    No Date NGC  NG TYPE 2 Blank Planchet $19.99  
    blank planchetblank coin Here we have a type 2 blank planchet. This is what a dime would be struck with. We have 5 available.
      1865 ANACS AG3 Fancy 5 Die breaks, Rotated dies $39.99  
    rotated dies fancy 5two cent error    This coin has it all, reverse die break,  fancy 5 variety and rotated dies. This 2 cent piece is graded by ANACS as about good 3 details and noted as cleaned.
      1886 SEGS MS-62 VAM 1c 3+2 Clashed rev Top 50 $99.95  
    1886 MInt State 62 Morgan Dollar clashed rev (SEGS) VAM 1c TOP50reverse of a top50 clashed die VAM morgon dollor Next we have a TOP50 VAM graded and certified by SEGS. The gave this VAM variety a grade of Mint State 62 and states that it is a VAM 1c example. It have a nice golden tone starting at the edge.
      1891-O ANACS F-12 VAM 1   $39.99  
    1891-O Fine 12 Morgan Dollar (ANACS) VAM 1   This Morgan dollar is in a collectors grade of Fine 12. It is certified by ANACS and was giving a VAM 1 designation.
      1896 SEGS MS-60 VAM 19 "8" in dentils under "8" $69.99  
    1896 Mint State 60 Morgan Dollar 8 in dentils (SEGS) VAM 19 I think SEGS was a little to conservative on the grade on this coin. The gave it the minimum Mint State grade MS60. It is one of the  TOP100 VAM varieties and states "8 in the dentils under 8".
      1916 ANACS EF40 *scratched Split After Struck set $199.99  
    SPLIT AFTER STRUCK  Here we have an amazing 2 piece set. The obverse is in one holder and the reverse is in another. The coin split apart after it was struck and someone keep both side and sent them in to get certified.
      1925-S PCI VF-30   Broken REV Die $14.99  
    1925-S Very fine 30 Wheatback cent (PCI) Broken die1925-S Very fine 30 Wheatback cent (PCI) Broken die reverse picture Next we have a coin graded by PCI. This wheat back cent is labeled as Broken Reverse die. It looks like a die break or a bubble between the E N on the reverse. This not so common error will only set you back $14.99.
      1936 ANACS EF-40   Lamination $9.99  
    1936 Extra Fine 40 Cent (ANACS) Lamination Another wheatpenny graded and certified. ANACS graded this coin a Extra Fine 40. It also states that it has a Lamination error on it. Grab this certified error coin for less then most companies change to certified.
      1943 SEGS AU-58* STEEL CLIP $39.99  
    steel cent with errorreverse of silver looking cent  *details/plated 2% clip@k-2
      1943 ANACS MS-66 STEEL Struck Thru Grease $79.99  
    1943 Mint State 66 Steel cent (ANACS)Struck thru greasereverse of a 1943 Mint State 66 Steel cent (ANACS)Struck thru grease  Here we have an exceptional error coin. First it's a one year only steel cent. Second, it's was given a high grade, Mint State 66 by ANACS. And third, it has a struck thru grease error (ghostly looking 4 on the date). 
      1945-P ANACS VF-20 War Nickel Lamination $19.99  
    Here we have another certified war nickel slabbed by ANACS with a grade of Very Fine 20. This war nickel has a Lamination error on the obverse. It starts at the word Trust, goes across Jefferson profile and ends on the other side of the coin where the word Liberty starts. Here we have another certified war nickel slabbed by ANACS with a grade of Very Fine 20. This war nickel has a Lamination error on the obverse. It starts at the word Trust, goes across Jefferson profile and ends on the other side of the coin where the word Liberty starts.  This certified 35% silver war nickel was slabbed by ANACS as Very Fine 20. It has a Lamination error on the obverse. It starts at the word Trust, goes across Jefferson profile and ends on the other side of the coin were the word Liberty starts.
      1945-P PCGS MS-62 War Nickel 6% clip Planchet $89.99  
    1945-P Mint State 62 War Nickel (PCGS) Clip  This awesome error coin is a war nickel, which means it was made with 35% silver and has a extra large Mint Mark on the reverse. This coin is graded by PCGS as Mint State 62. Good chance it's a one of a kind.
      1946 ANACS VF-35 cleaned Lamination $14.99  
    1946 Very Fine 35 Nickel cleaned (ANACS) Laminations Looks like Jefferson is having a bad hair day. The Lamination error is right on his head and it looks like his hair is standing up. There is also a smaller Lamination error on the reverse. ANACS noted that at some point this coin was cleaned
      1950 ANACS MS-63   Struck thru Debris $19.99  
    1950 nickel errorerror on 1950 coin an inexpensive error on a coin that is over 60 years old and still in Mint State. This one is graded by ANACS.
      1951-D/S SEGS VF-30 FS-021.52 OMM-2 $29.99  
    OMM over mint mark d over s Here we have a omm over mint mark error certified by SEGS. They grade this D over S error coin as very fine 30.
      1951-S/S SEGS MS-64 5323 steps RPM-5 $29.99  
    1951 nickel with errorERROR COIN ...will be added soon
      1951-D/D ANACS MS-64 FSB D/D $19.99  
    DIME D OVER DD over D certified ...will be added soon
      1951-D/D SEGS MS-64   RPM-1 $24.99  
    ...will be added soon
      1953 ANACS EF-45   CLIP $14.99  
      1956 ANACS EF45   Straight Clip $19.99  
      1956 ANACS AU50   Partial Collar $12.99  
    PARTIAL COLLAR ...will be added soon
      1959 ANACS PF-65 5.5 STEPS WDDR-005 TDR $19.99  
    WDDR 005 5.5 STEPSTRIPLE DIE REVERSE ...will be added soon Wexler Double Die Reverse 005
      1960 D ANACS AU50* Large Date Detached lamination $12.99  
    DETACHED LAMINATIONcent with error *damaged
1960 d /d ANACS AU53 LG DATE RPM-5 $14.99
    d/dREPUCHARD MINT MARK 5 ...will be added soon
      1961 D/D ANACS AU50   RPM-15 $14.99  
    PENNY WITH DOUBLE MINT MARK ...will be added soon
      1963-D PCI MS64   Strike Doubled $19.99  
    1963 d strike doubledsilver quarter older 10 digit PCI green holder red spot on back was from scanner
      1964 NGC PF-66 Accent Hair click here for more SOLD  

1964 Proof 66 Accent hair Kennedy Half (NGC)

  After the US Mint started production on the 1964 Kennedy halves, one was presented to Jackie Onassis at which time she said the hair was wrong. So the US Mint changed the design in mid stream. According to most authoritative sources, the accented hair variety is only about 3% of all 1964 proof Kennedy halves. SOLD  
      1968-D SEGS MS64 RED Clashed Rev Dies $12.99  
    1968 error cent 2 Available
      1970 D SEGS MS-64 KEY DATE STRIKETHRU $49.99  
    1970 d key date halfCERTIFIED KEY DATE ...will be added soon
      1971 ANACS AU50   STRIKETHRU debris $9.99  
    1971 half dollar with error ...will be added soon
      1973-D ANACS MS-64 Brown Indent Partial Collar $29.99  
    1973-D Mint State 64 Cent Brown (ANACS) partial collar-indent  Here we have a double error coin. First this coin has a Partial collar, then add on top of that it has an indent error. Not to mention that it is a Denver mint coin which is less common then a Philadelphia minted coin.
      1993 ANACS MS-64  Red Improperly Plated $34.99  
    1993 Mint state 64 Cent (ANACS) Improperly plated  This is a very cool looking error coin. Although it's not rare or even that pretty, it is very unique. The whole surface on both sides of this coin has bubbled up. ANACS graded this error coin Mint State 64.
      1997-P PCGS MS-62 Finned Rim Misaligned Die SOLD  

1997 Mint state 62 Cent (PCGS) Finned rim

  Here is a 1997 cent in a PCGS holder. The error coin inside is a Finned rim cent. Part of the edge on the obverse is raise as the planchet must not have been seated properly when it was struck. SOLD  

Wide AM / Proof reverse

  In 2001 it was discovered that the reverse proof dies (wide am), that were made specifically to strike Proof coins, had been used on business strike coin. Since 1993 the reverse die on the cent was changed and the A and M in America now touch together at the bottom (closed am). You can easily see the change by just looking at the AM on any cent from 1992 or older and any one from 1993 to date.

      Since then it was discovered that this also happened in 1998. Another amazing and even more rare example are the 1998 and 1999 proof coins that were made with some business strike dies, closed AM.  Listed below are a couple examples of some graded and authenticated cents from 1998 and 2000.

      1998 ANACS MS60 cleaned REV "Proof" HUB $24.99  
    picture of a 1998 type 2 reverse proof hub example error1998 MS60 Details Cent type 2 cleaned (anacs) rev proof hub Here is our first example of the type 2 proof hub reverse. This one is graded by ANACS as Mint State 60 details. It was given a detail grade because as noted on the slab this coin has been cleaned.
      1998 ANACS AU55 TYPE 2 WIDE AM $27.99  
    1998 wide am centFS-901 WIDE A.M. CENT Here we have a type 2 proof reverse or wide AM example graded by ANACS AS AU 55. This coin is in anacs' new holder with the yellow insert  that allows you to read the label in a holder. The slab also has the Cherrypickers' # FS - 901 on the label.
      1998 PCGS AU58   WIDE AM $29.99  
    Another type 2 proof rev example business strike coin. PCGS lists this error coin as "Wide AM" This one was graded as AU 58, the closes to unc as you can get. An interesting variety coin, and a must for any complete registry set.
      1998 ICG MS66 Type 2 Separated A M $109.99  
    1998 ms66 wide am  Here we have another 1998 wide am variety in the highest grade we have be able to find so far to date. It's in a ICG holder and graded a whopping mint state 66.
      2000 ANACS MS64 Type 2 REV "Proof" HUB $37.99  
    type 2 reverseproof hub rev  This type 2 proof hub reverse is graded by America's oldest certification companies on the market, ANACS. The graded and  authenticated this error coin as Mint State 64 red.
      2000 PCI MS65 Red PR Die REV $39.99  
    type 2 centProof die rev cent  An interesting variety coin, in a older green label PCI holder. This type 2 proof rev example is graded by PCI as Mint State 65 Red.
      2000 ICG MS67 Type 2 Separated A M $79.99  
    2000 WIDE A M REVERSE CENTproof rev cent   Here we have another 2000 wide am variety in the highest grade we have be able to find so far to date. It's in a ICG holder and graded a whopping mint state 67. We have 2 of these available.
      2000 PCI MS67 Red PR Die REV $79.99  
    PCI TYPE 2 REV WIDE AMREV PROOF 2 CENT  same as the ones listed above except this one is in a PCI holder.

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